Is Android Better Than iOS?

Is iOS better than android
iOS or Android?

Android or iOS which one is better than the other? I think we all have different opinion on this. Some of us like Android and some like iOS better and we choose the one based on which one we like. Now, the question is if iOS or Android is better then what is the reason for it to be better than the other? That is what we are here to talk about and I am just going to share my personal opinion with you on this. I know that others can have a different opinion.

Android and iOS both have some unique features, UI design and everything. In my opinion, I personally prefer android because I just feel like when I use an iOS device the things that I can do are very limited and I have to pay for most of the things. On the other hand, if we look at android then you will see that, you can do whatever you want on an android device and android does not limit you or make you pay for almost everything.

Now, let us talk about some downsides of android as well. The biggest issue that I personally face is android devices do not receive regular updates and you can only update your device twice or three times unless your device is based on android one, but an iOS device receives updates for years after it's release. Android apps look a little uglier than iOS apps since android apps have to run on a large number of phones and there is actually a lot more android apps being released than iOS apps since, it is easier to publish apps on the playstore which is why there is a lot of useless scam apps on the playstore.

Another thing that I must mention is, because of android allowing us to do whatever we want on our phone, we download files and do things that could get our phone affected by virus, malware easily. This is where we need to talk about security and privacy. Both of their security is pretty good, but iOS has better security than android. Lastly, if we talk about performance that actually depends on the device. Some android phones perform better than iOS devices and some iOS devices perform better than some android devices. So, performance is something that we cannot really judge on.

So, how about the built in apps features? Both come with a lot of useful apps and features. They both have facetime and google duo for video calling, group video calling, but what android lacks is a free messaging service like iMessage. Both iOS and Andorid have their personal assistant Siri and Google Assistant but google assistant works better than Siri and android actually offers more useful apps and features than iOS and Android is always going to win when it comes to the built in apps and features.

How about the OS? Android devices are customizable but iOS devices are not
. You are actually limited to the stock iOS unless you jailbreak your device to be able to customize it, but relying on Jailbreak just to be able to customize your device is something that we do not want. If we look at android android actually offers a lot there is a lot of features, themes , animations and things that you can get for free without jailbreaking or rooting your device, but on iOS we are really limited to what iOS offers us and we know that not everyone is going to like what iOS offers us. We want to customize our device the way we want, So, android wins here.

That was my personal opinion on Android and iOS. I think they both are really good in their own ways. I use both, but I personally prefer andorid better than iOS. You can have a different opinion I know. These are just my thoughts. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us and thanks for staying with us.


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