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Best smartphone games
Addicting Smartphone Games

Smartphone games that are most addicting? I think that is a question in every smartphone gamers lips. Smartphone games are loved by almost everyone these days. We all have smartphones and sometimes when we are bored, we have nothing to do we wish we could do something to spend our time. Playing addicting smartphone games can kill your time without you even realizing it. We get so focused on the game that we don't remember what is happening around us and time flies by as we keep playing. Most of us love video games. We play video games on our phone when we are in the library, a car or a bus. Whenever we feel bored, we will want to do something so it kills our time. Anyways, so today we are going to look at some of the best addicting smartphone games that is going to kill your time and you're going to enjoy these games a lot.

List of smartphone games that are most addicting:

Subway Surfers:

This is a running game for smartphones. It has been popular ever since it was released. In this game, you will have to run in order to escape from the police. You keep running and the more you run the more points you get. If you get hit by something then you are done. Many people in the world still play this game everyday because of how fun and addicting this game is.

Temple Run:

This is another game just like subway surfers. You keep running the longer you survive the better your point is. This game is just as fun as subway surfers so, you should definitely try this one as well.

Pokemon Go:

I think we all have heard of this game. Yes, Pokemon Go could actually be really addicting as you keep playing and hunting more pokemons. In this game, you will have to go outside take a walk and you will find different pokemons to catch in different places. The more pokemon you catch the more enjoyable it will be for you. You can also fight with other pokemon hunters which is quite fun.

PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile is one of the most addicting games of all time. A lot of us play this game every single day what makes it fun is you can play while voice chatting with your other friends and all of you play together in the same match. In this game, you will have to jump out of a plane and land in an island where you will have 99 enemies of you to kill. All the 100 players will be there to kill each other. The last one stands wins the game.

Sims Mobile/ Sims Freeplay:

Sims has always been popular, but recently sims has become really popular with the release of sims mobile and sims free play. In this game, you will have to make avatars and make them live just like we do. You will have to eat, sleep, talk, watch the television, work, go to the toilet basically all the things that we do in our life and that is what makes this game more addicting, You live in a house you can go meet your neighbor, interact with them and everything. You can also design your house the way you want. This one is definitely worth trying.

Clash Royale:

This game might be one of your most favorites if you play it. In this game, you will have an area to protect you will not let other
s take over and destroy your territory while you try to attack the others and destroy theirs. The one that succeeds wins the game.

Impossible Road:

This is another fun game to play. You can play this game using one hand only. In this game, you just have to control a ball and make sure that it does not fall. It is kinda hard to play and very addicting.

Alto's Odyssey:

The concept of this game is similar to temple run and subway surfers but the difference is the view is sideways. You will be skateboarding and you will have to avoid getting hit by something or falling from jumping. This one is also a must try.

Candy Crush:

I think everyone knows about this game and every mobile gamer has played this game at least for once in his/her life. This game is another must try. It is actually a puzzle solving game which is really fun to play and it also works as a good time killer as long as you like playing this game.

The room 1,2,3,4:

This one has always been one of my most favorite ones. This game is so addicting that you will spend hours playing this game. You will be obsessed just like I was. It is another puzzle game. The puzzles are so fun and smart that you will be addicted to this game in no time. It is a paid game, but the thing is even if you buy this game, trust me it's worth every single penny and you will not regret buying this game.

Well, that is it for now about smartphone games that are most addicting. I know that there is a lot more smartphone games that are really addicting, but this are the ones that I played myself and enjoyed very much. I hope you will not have to be bored anymore since you will have an addicting game to play, which will kill a lot of your time. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let us know what you think and share your favorite games with us if you want.


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