Windows Applications That You Should Have

Must have windows 10 applications
Best Windows 10 Applications

Whether we use Windows or some other operating system, we all have applications or software installed on our computer. Some of us have a lot of unused, useless applications installed and some only have the essential once's since we do not want unused unwanted applications to slow down our computer. It is always recommended for us to uninstall unused applications from our computer for it to work better. There are some essential applications that we must have on our computer which can help us in many ways and save us a lot of time. Today, I want to share what I think are some of the must have computer applications that I have on my computer and you should too.

Windows applications that you should have:

Internet Download Manager:

Internet download manager which is also known as IDM is an essential software for your computer. We download many files on our computer everyday and sometimes the download speed really annoys us to the point where are are forced to stop the download. You do not have to worry if you have IDM installed on your computer. IDM will help you download your files much faster and not only that this software is also filled with a lot of useful features to make downloading files even easier for you. You will not regret buying this software for your pc.


CCleaner is another useful software. Especially for the one's that have a slow computer. This software will help you delete unused extra files that could slow down your computer and it is completely safe to use. You will see an improvement from the first use. There is a free version available for this software, but you can also get the paid version if you want since the paid version offers more.

Google Chrome:

Google chrome is a widely used internet browser for your computer. It is loved by everyone who owns a computer. We all have internet explorer installed by default, which most of us do not really like using because of it not working well. Well guess what? Google chrome is fast and also reliable since it is a web browser from google. It works really well on all computers. It has good privacy system. The download speed of this browser is also decent. You can install plugins to customize your browser however you want. You will love using this browser for sure, if you do not have it already.

Windows Applications That You Should Have
VLC Media Player:

This media player is my most favorite one because of how great it works and it is fully packed with many useful features. This media player is capable of playing any video, audio format. There is a lot that you can do with this media player. It is a must have media player for your computer.

Adobe Photoshop:

Most of us have to edit photos even if we do not want to sometimes. Having a good photo editing software is essential for all of us. Adobe photoshop is the best photo editing softwares available for windows and it is trusted and widely used by almost everyone who edits photos. So, you are advised to have this software on your computer.


Winrar is a must have software. I think all of us need to compress files on our computer. Either you want to unzip a file or zip it you will need to have winrar installed on your computer. So, this one is also a must have.

So, those were some of the windows applications that I always use on my computer. All of them are useful in different ways. You should try using them and let me know your experience. They are surely going to benefit you in many ways and let me know your personal favorites. What applications you use on your computer by commenting down below. Thank you for reading.

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