Time To Digitally Transform Your Business

Tips to overcome the fear of change and take the step towards its successful implementation.

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In general, companies know that the digital transformation of their organization is essential and that it will affect all areas of the company, however, they face two main barriers when taking that step that are related to the fear of change already the unknown.

Both have their origin, on the one hand, in the lack of knowledge and technological mentality among managers; in the implanted philosophy of 'avoiding risk' as a maximum of good management and in the lack of tradition of equipment and technological processes in the company that prevents or slows change.

The first barrier is the distrust of management or part of it in a business culture aimed at minimizing risks. The change that digitalization implies causes fears about its impact on the company's results and on a personal level on the role in a new scenario of managers accustomed to analog environment. The second barrier is usually the lack of knowledge of digital environments, where to start if the transformation should affect all areas of the company?

And even more, is there talent to lead that transformation within the company?

Implementation Strategy

The experience of 3 DIDS in digital transformation consulting in more than 40 SMEs has led him to define an implementation strategy based on two premises:

The first is to start the digital transformation because of the aspects that affect the company's business and income, for example, creating an electronic commerce platform, either B2C or B2Band its corresponding digital marketing strategy to make it work.

When the company's revenues increase substantially thanks to this tool, as is often the case, all the sensibilities and fears of the management team are overcome.

In addition, the implementation of online sales tools naturally requires the change of other processes in the company, such as logistics and distribution, order management, customer service and even the way of producing. So deepen the Digital transformation begins to be seen as a natural trend in the evolution of the company.

The medium-term objective will be to reach collaborative and cloud work processes with paper 0 in all areas of the company "

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