Business: Defend the price of your product or service

In an environment as aggressively competitive as the current one, where price is the main weapon of mass destruction of many companies to capture new buyers, you can defend yours.

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How does your product help the customers?

The conversation with your client has to be related to the value. The price makes sense to the client as long as it is related to the value he perceives of our offer. Given the very usual objection of the client that says this is very expensive or I think it is very expensive or the competition leaves me cheaper, it is not a problem of price but of perception of value by the client.

Therefore, we must quickly channel the conversation towards what is the value that provides our product and / or service and what price would you put on that improvement that we are making in your life (if it is a private individual) or in your business (if your client is another company). And, in that sense, the work The commercial team is to bring to light everything your product brings.

What is your attribute? 

You must be very convinced of what the difference your product has in relation to others in the market. And when you discover it, focus on those customers who value it most.

Because not all products have the same value or assume the same differentiation for all consumers. Therefore, if something differentiates you, some attribute, you should refer to it in your argument.

Trust, trust and trust

We also recommends focusing your arguments on the trust that your company can convey to customers. And you can work with elements such as the personal relationship of advisors, consultants, technicians, etc. You must work on trust defending the idea of ​​credibility, for example, with belonging to a large company or, on the contrary, as we are a small company, we take care of you more.

That is, handling the size at your convenience. Or highlighting links with foreign companies, links with companies that support, that give after sales. Also customer service commitments (not to be confused with guarantees). For example, if this happens I compensate you with that other, that is, with letters of commitment of services, etc.

Cheap will always be very expensive

The basis is in reinforcing the idea of ​​perceived quality. It argues and gives reliability to what you offer through your brand value. Many times, a price decline is linked to a drop in quality. Defend your price because you defend quality, service, reliability, branding, etc. It affects that cheap can be expensive.

It conveys to the client that he must have a global vision in the medium and long term of the purchase process and not raise it from the point of view of the short term and more with the current situation where the price factor is being decisive.

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