Mario Kart Tour Is Out - The Best Smartphone Game?

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Mario Kart Tour Mobile

The Mario Kart franchise is very popular in the Nintendo world. Anyone who owns a Nintendo knows about Mario Kart. Nintendo is mostly popular because of the Mario Kart franchise. There are many Mario Kart games that have been released until now. However, all of the other Mario Kart games were only made for the Nintendo console.

Mario Kart Tour Is Out - The Best Smartphone Game?Nintendo has recently started releasing their games for mobile devices and this time it looks like they are kind of serious with the release of their latest game Mario Kart Tour. Nintendo has released other games for mobile devices before like Animal Crossing, Super Mario Run. They are both very popular for mobile devices. Nintendo is expected to release more games on mobile devices in the future. As Mario Kart is very popular, Nintendo has decided to release this game for Android and iOS and it is now out. You can go ahead and download the game.

Maria Kart Tour was released on the 25th of September, 2019. It soon hit the top list in both playstore and Appstore. It is still the number 1 free game in the US Appstore. A lot of people are currently playing this game. They can not wait anymore to try their favorite game on their mobile devices. Now, the question is how is the game? Should you play the game?

Mario Kart Tour Is Out - The Best Smartphone Game?I have to say that the Mario Kart Tour game is pretty well made. It is just as fun as the Nintendo version. The game is very addicting. It is not repetitive like other racing games. The game has different levels. You will be playing with real online players. You will find variety in the game. There are different maps and levels available for this game. You will soon get hooked onto this game as it is really fun to play. 

As you keep playing you can unlock more karts, drivers and gliders. You will have to upgrade all of them in order to win matches. You will have to use rubies in order to unlock more things in the game. There is a premium subscription available which you will have to pay for of course. That will give you more useful things than what you will have in the free version.

Mario Kart Tour Is Out - The Best Smartphone Game?The game will become harder and harder as you continue playing the game. You will find the races getting harder and the races will become more complicated. I am stuck after playing 40-50 races. I will probably have to pay in order to keep playing because I need better karts, drivers and gliders. The soon will kind of become p2w after you have played the game for a while, but trust me you are going to enjoy this game a lot.

So, should you try Mario Kart Tour? Definitely! go ahead get the game right now. I recommend everyone to try the game at least for once. It is an amazing game overall.


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