Call Of Duty Mobile Is Out - Things We Need to Know About The Game

Call Of Duty Mobile released
Call of Duty Mobile

If you are a gamer and you like first person shooter games then you must have heard about Call of Duty. My guess is that you have also played the game. The first Call of Duty game was released back in 2003 and it soon became popular after the release of the first game. The developer company decided to release more Call of Duty games due to it's popularity. Most of us have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Black Ops. The franchise has become kind of long now. FPS lovers love playing Call of Duty games. The Call of Duty franchise is still one of the most popular FPS franchise of all time. 

Call of Duty is a video game that has always been popular. Until now, Call of Duty games have been released for windows and gaming consoles only. Mobile gaming has become popular these days and it really looks like the popular is growing day by day with the release of games like PUBG Mobile. Rules of Survival. Many people spend time playing games on their smartphone these days. So, Activision has decided to release their popular game for mobile devices as well.

This time, Activision has partnered up with Tencent, which is the developer company of PUBG Mobile and they have developed a Call of Duty game for mobile devices. Many people called it the PUBG Mobile killer when the game trailer was first published online. In this article, you are going to know about the new Call of Duty Mobile that has just been released. Should you play the game? How is it? What makes it different so that you would want to play the game?

Call Of Duty Mobile Is Out - Should You Play The Game?Call of Duty Mobile was in it's beta phrases for a pretty long time. It has recently been released for both iOS and Android after long term testing. So you can go ahead and download the game right now and start playing the game. The main thing that you will notice at first is, this game actually has different features than what you see in other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, Gerena Free Fire. 

In this game, you have seasons just like other battle royal games. You will have missions to complete so that you can win rewards depending on how many missions you have completed. The weapons and the avatars are highly customizable. You will have to upgrade your weapons in order for them to work better for you. You will be rewarded with more and more weapons and useful advanced gadgets as you level up.

Call Of Duty Mobile Is Out - Should You Play The Game?How about the gameplay? There are different kinds of game modes available for this game. You can either play multiplayer which is 5 vs 5 death match. You can also play domination mode and more. There is a battle royale mode available for this game which will be playable once you reach level 7. Another mode is coming soon in the upcoming update as you can see in the article picture (top left one). A lot of useful gadgets and advanced technology can be used in this game. They will be useful for you in many ways. In the battle royale mode, I kind of find it boring in my opinion however it offers more features than PUBG Mobile example: You can fly helicopters, grapple and many things that you can not do in PUBG Mobile.

Now, the question is is it better than PUBG Mobile and other battle royale games? Should you try the game? My personal opinion is I only like the vs matches not the battle royale. The PVP matches are really fun to play. You will be addicted soon as you start playing as it is fun and there is useful gadgets that can be used in the matches. The maps are also pretty well made in this game. On the other hand, the battle royale mode is kind of boring and most of the players are bots. It is not as fun as PUBG Mobile or Cyber Hunter. If you are thinking if you should give it a try then definitely you can. It is worth playing since it is the first Call of Duty game for mobile devices. It is out now so go ahead and try by yourself.

I just shared my personal opinion on Call of Duty Mobile with you. You can go ahead and play this game and you might like it. All I will say is it is worth giving the game a try.


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