Laptop or a Desktop, Which One Should You Choose?

Is laptop better than desktop
Laptop or Desktop?

A laptop or a desktop is owned by most of the people in the world. They have at least one computer in their house today. Without a computer our living our life would be harder than it is now. However, a few of us still do not have one and some might be wondering "okay I need to buy a computer but which one should I go for should it be a laptop or desktop?" A lot of us have the same question in our mind when we think about buying a computer. This article is for those people who are wondering which one they should buy. It is kind of a hard question to answer for someone else since it actually depends on what you want to do on your computer. I will explain things that you need to know about both desktop and laptop and then the rest is up to you if you want to choose to buy a desktop or laptop.

Everyday we need to do many things on our computer. Some need a computer for their office work, some do their homework on their computer which means they use computer for educational purposes and some also use computer for their personal work or gaming. Now, the question here is what is that you need to do on your computer? Some of us do heavy work on our computer and some of us do things that even a low spec computer would able to handle.  You need to ask that question to yourself and depending on your need you are either going to choose desktop or laptop. 

Let us say that you are a gamer and you need a good computer because you want to have the latest computer games installed on our computer. You want to play all the latest video games that are releasing for windows or let us pretend that you are a programmer or freelancer. You will have to sit on your computer almost the whole day. You are either going to code or do hard tasks on your computer that requires a lot of memory, good processor and also a good graphics card is needed to be installed in the machine. If you are going to buy a computer for one of those reasons then I suggest you to go for desktop. Now, the reason for me to choose desktop over laptop when it comes to hard tasks is because a desktop is able to consume a lot more energy than a laptop. A desktop will always be upgradable. You will be able to install more rams, change the processor even the whole motherboard if you need. You can not sit on your laptop all day and charge it. Laptops are mainly made for simple tasks. They are not made for gaming or programming unless you are going to buy a gaming laptop.

If you are not thinking about buying a computer for above reasons then you must be thinking about buying a computer for doing simple tasks that we usually do everyday on our smartphone or computer. So let us say that you are going to do simple tasks on your computer. In this case, you either need a computer for education or basic office work, which means you will sit on the computer for 5-10 hours approximately. A laptop is mainly made for basic office work or education so if these are the reasons for you to think about buying a computer then you do not actually need a desktop. You can do your daily tasks on your laptop and also carry it whenever you want. A laptop has a light weight it consumes less energy so there would be no reason for you to buy a desktop for doing simple tasks, but if you still want to choose desktop over laptop that is totally up to you. I am here trying to explain how both desktop and laptop are made for different tasks.

Laptop or a desktop? I hope this article answered that question for you. These are my personal thoughts on both desktop and laptop. Which one do you think is for you? Which one is the one that you want to choose is totally up to you now. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and hopefully it was helpful for you. Now, you should have a better understanding and it should answer all your questions regarding desktop and laptop. However, if you have further question or if you want to share your personal thoughts then let me know.

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