Adsense Alternatives That You Can Use but Should You?

Adsense alternatives to use
Best Adsense Alternatives?

What are some of the best alternatives for Adsense? Nowadays, that is a question in many blogger, website owners lips. When we build a website, it is hard. We have to spend a lot of time on building a website it takes a lot of time and energy to build a website and write content for it. People who own a website know exactly how hard it is to make a full website. So, when you finally have the website that you might took months to build now you want to make some money from the website you built of course. Otherwise, what would be the point of working so hard for a website that won't do anything for you except for people visiting your website and leaving your website. You get nothing from that.

That is when we think about running ads in our website. Many people have earned quite a lot of money blogging. You must have heard that as well. Do you know how they earned that money? You may know or may not know. If you do not then I am going to tell you that it is by running ads on their website. How do they run ads on their website? They earn money by placing either adsense ads or other ad networks ads. 

If you have a website and you know about ad networks then you must have heard about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an ad network from google. Just think for a second it is an ad network being run by Google. Would you trust google or some other ad network? Of course you would trust google and adsense would be your first choice. I am supposed to talk about best alternatives for adsense here, but let me tell you something first. None other ad network is better than adsense. 

Other ad networks have really low cpc and rpm. Trust me you will regret choosing any other ad network than Adsense. Google is a company that you can trust and you should always expect the highest earnings from Adsense. Not only me, many web developers know that our first choice should always be adsense and we should not think about using any other ad network, but let us just assume that you applied for Adsense but got rejected too many times or maybe your adsense account got banned so now you have no choice but to use another ad network so you can earn from your website. 

At first, if you are getting rejected by Adsense again and again just follow these simple steps and you will get adsense approval soon after you apply.

1. Make sure that your site does not have content that is illegal and content that goes against Google Publisher Policies

2. Write long unique posts by long I mean they should have at least 700+ words and they must be high quality posts.

3. Your website must have privacy policy page, disclaimer page, about us and contact us page.

4. If you are using blogger then buy a domain for your site and do not apply with the .blogspot domain. Adsense prefers website with paid domains.

5. It is better for your site to have SSL certificate before you apply for adsnese.

6. Lastly, add you site to Google Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap their this will help you a lot.

If you follow these steps then there is actually no reason for you to not get Adsense approval, but how about the ones that had Adsense account but got banned? Here are the other ad networks that they can choose.

Best Alternatives for Adsense: is the best alternative for adsense. However, getting their approval is a bit hard nowadays and they will require your site to have visitors from USA and Canda and make sure you also follow the steps that you should follow for adsense approval if you can do that then you will get approval. Please keep in mind that will not pay you as much as adsense. I have seen negative reviews on this ad network.


This is another adsense alternative that you could choose. They are reported to have good cpm. They have a really nice and user friendly statistics page. If you got banned by adsense then you can consider choosing them too since this is the third highest paying ad network after adsense and

That were the best alternatives for adsense. You may be wondering is there no more? I will say yes, there is but please do not choose anything other than these two. You will really regret choosing anything else than these two and please keep in mind that if you are getting rejected by adsense and you are not banned then that is good. Just follow those steps and you will get adsense approval soon. Remember that Adsense will always be the no. 1 ad network which you should choose.

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