Smartphone Brands That Are Leading The Market Right Now

Most popular smartphone brands
Most Popular smartphone brands 

There are a lot of smartphone brands there and most of us have a mobile phone these days. If we go back to early 2000s then we will see that not many of us had mobile phones back then. Mobile phones were expensive they had less features so the things that people could do with their mobile phone back then are nothing compared to what the latest mobile phones are capable of doing. In early 2000s, the brands that were the most popular, successful were brands like Nokia, Motorola, Siemens Mobile, but if we look at the mobile phones today they are cheap and filled with useful features which surely have convinced a lot of people buy mobile phones.

Mobile phones have really changed a lot. Because of lacking features and being old, most of the mobile phone brands that were popular back then have become less popular today. Mobile phones that we have today are packed with exciting new features and design. Most of the smartphone brands that are leading the market now are new brands which were introduced just a few years ago. If we had to give an example of how the biggest mobile phone brands died then I think Nokia would be the greatest example of that. Nokia is still one of the best mobile phone brands of all time, but not many people buy Nokia smartphones these days. The smartphone brands leading the market today are constantly working on being better than one another. Every year, they are releasing new phones that attract the customers. With new features, design, spec and low price the mobile phone brands are attracting more and more customers. The brands that are popular right now are popular mostly because maintaining quality of their devices and offering us the best smartphone in the lowest price possible.

Smartphone brands that are leading the market right now in 2019:

1. Samsung:

Samsung actually has been around for a while now. They have always been quite successful and well known in the smartphone world and it is obviously because they deserve to be in this place. Samsung has always given us one of the best smartphones. With the release of their A, M and Galaxy Series they have become even more popular these days. They are also going to release their first foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold this year.

2. Apple:

One of the biggest companies in the world Apple first launched their iPhone back in 2007. It was known to be the first touch device which surely amazed a lot of people back then. Apple has always made great quality smartphones and their iOS operating system has also been very successful. Apple is the 2nd most selling smartphone brand in the world right now.

3. Huawei:

Huawei is the most successful Chinese mobile phone brand in the world right now. Huawei has gifted us some of the best smartphones in the recent years which gave us a lot of sales. Especially with the release of smartphones like p20, p20 pro Huawei has become even more popular to the smartphone world today.

4. Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is another Chinese smartphone company which recently released a few of their flagship devices which are loved by a lot of smartphone lovers. The pocophone f1, K20 pro, Note 7 pro are few of the best smartphones that were released by Xiaomi. Xiaomi is mostly popular for how much their phones offer in a considerably low price. Xiaomi is mostly loved by people because every year they are releasing more and more flagship devices in the lowest affordable price possible. Xiaomi is expected to go higher in the top list in a few years if they manage to keep their place in the top list of best selling smartphone brands.

5. Oppo:

Oppo is the third Chinese mobile phone brand in the top 5 list. Oppo has been there for a while now. However, they have recently become very popular in the smartphone world mainly because of their smartphones having great cameras. Some of their smartphone cameras were even be able to beat the iPhones camera which is quite surprising since Oppo smartphones are cheaper. Oppo has become even more popular with the release of their new sub brand Realme. Realme is similar to Xiaomi's sub brand Redmi which is offering the best devices in the lowest price possible.

That was my top 5 list of the best smartphone brands in the market right now. What do you think about the list? Do you agree with our list? Let me know by commenting and sharing your opinion down below.


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