Neck: the area of ​​the body that you care less

Here is a selection of products so that your neck does not go free looking many years older than your face.

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It happens often. When applying an anti-aging cream we recreate on the face, but from the chin down (and if it is winter or what to say it has), or remember.

And it is contradictory, because the neck has, as explained by Dr. Antonio Licitra, aesthetic doctor and director of the Med Estetic clinic, the skin much thinner, its structure is more fragile and lacks a large percentage of fat, so it is a very vulnerable area over time.

The expert adds that he is one of the first to show sagging (his skin produces less collagen and elastin), wrinkles and spots (by continuous sun exposure). There is more to do a review among some celebrities to realize that hyper-treated faces attached to "virgin" necks are our bread: Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, and Melanie Griffith.

It is true that most women come to the office concerned about rejuvenating at the facial level and forget that the neck should be in harmony and should be treated as a prolongation of the face, says Licitra. New technologies do not help: we spend hours looking at both the mobile phone and the screens in a position that forces us to lower our neck, which ends up taking its toll.

Alessandra Scavone is an expert in facial yoga and 25 years ago she created the Masc method thanks to her experience in speech therapy, yoga and acupuncture. The guru moves through the different continents showing his technique and claiming the importance of toning the muscles of the face and neck to keep it firm. Don't we do the same with the body in the gym? Well, let's apply the story.

Maintaining a good posture is essential, as is investing in prevention to curb wrinkles, sagging and also the double chin, because constantly looking down because of technological devices aggravates the problem, since the compartments that serve as walls of containment is broken due to overload caused by poor posture.

A review of the most effective treatments for this area

Peeling, a new skin: It is used to improve the appearance of the skin thanks to the accelerated renewal of the more superficial layers and the repair of the deep ones, reducing wrinkles, improving acne, blemishes, marks and tone, Says Rosa Garcia Maroto, from La Fuente Clinic. Depending on the state of the neck skin, the peeling will be superficial, medium or deep, and the number of sessions will be scheduled. It starts from 150 euros.

These are microinjections of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the one indicated to hydrate and give smoothness instead of volume, since it contributes to cellular nutrition and elasticity of the area. To the punctures are added amino acids and vitamins that increase tone, hydration and luminosity.

Bio-stimulation with plasma, maximum regeneration: This regeneration treatment is obtained from a concentrate of own growth factors from a blood draw. It manages to restore vitality, increase thickness and restore elasticity. 4 sessions starts from € 100 each. Dr. Garcia Maroto.
Tension threads, goodbye sagging. They are introduced into the neck through fine needles that serve as a guide. After 3 months the threads create bands that are transformed into collagen and reabsorbed, and the type of thread is chosen according to each case. One session costs 650 euros.

C02 Fractional Laser, integral rejuvenation: It consists of applying laser light that affects the skin in a pixelated way leaving untreated areas so that the damage is less and the recovery is smoother. It is indicated to rejuvenate the neck at all levels, with the number of sessions and intensity based on age and skin situation. From 500 euros. Dr. Garcia Maroto.

HIFU ultrasound, cellular energy: The emission of acoustic waves produces a deep heat that provides the necessary energy to the cells so that they can perform their functions, while increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients due to its vasodilator effect repairing the tissue. Between 4 and 6 sessions, from 200 euros. Dr. Licitra.

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