iPhone 11 Price, Specs and Everything That You Should Know About

iPhone 11 pro, iphone 11 pro max
iPhone 11

Great news for Apple fans. Apple has just announced their new iPhone iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max at the September event. Apple release their new iPhone every 2 years and just like every 2 years they have announced their new iPhone this year. All the apple fans and even android fans were patiently waiting for this moment to see what Apple really comes up with this year. It kinda looks like the rumors and the concept of the new iPhone were actually pretty accurate not to mention, that most of those rumors and concepts were from reliable sources on the internet.

In terms of performance, Apple devices have always performed very well. Also if we talk about the design, Apple has always made well designed devices. Apple is mainly popular for their design, performance and strong security. This year many people did not really like the design of the new iPhone. Most people are complaining about the 3 cameras in the back of iPhone 11 pro, but the iPhone 11 has 2 cameras in the back which looks kind of okay to me. Personally, I also think the 3 cameras in the iPhone 11 pro look kind of weird. Apple could actually do better when it comes to design, but I guess we will just have to accept the fact that this is what the new iPhone looks like. 

Now, let us put that aside and look at everything that this new iPhone comes with. Some people are saying that there is not much new to this phone, but there is actually a lot even though it is not anywhere close to android phones. Now, let us look at the specs, available colors and everything.

Display & Design:

iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1" Liquid Retina HD Display. It comes with 6 colors which will be available in every Apple store. The six available colors are Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Product RED and White. The phone is splash, water and dust resistant.


This time the new iPhone comes with the powerful A13 Boinic chip, which will be powerful as always since Boinic chips are really powerful. This chip has performed very well in the past and there is 4gbs or ram built into this device.


Apple devices are always popular for taking high quality pictures and just like every other iPhone, this iPhone also comes with a very good camera. iPhone 11 comes with 12MP 2160p dual back camera and a 12MP front camera. This camera has been shown to perform very well at the apple event. There will be videos and reviews that are being posted which we can take a look at if we want to really know how well the camera performs.


I think one of the most important things to look at is the battery of a smartphone. Apple iPhones are hated by many people because of the battery. Because the battery does not last long and Apple could definitely do better when it comes to one of the most important things in a smartphone which is the battery. This year iPhone 11 comes with 3110 mah battery, which is quite disappointing from Apple. I mean it would be perfect if this phone had like 4000mah battery. I honestly do not really know why Apple does not their phone to have bigger battery.. This will always be one of the biggest downsides of iPhone.

Release Date & Price:

iPhone 11 is expected to release soon after the Apple event had finished. Which means, It is going to be released soon in this month which is September. The price starts at $699 for iPhone 11, $999 for iPhone 11 pro and $1099 for iPhone 11 pro max. Apple devices have always been quite expensive and this time, it is just about the same. No major changes have been made to the pricing.

Do you like the new iPhones? Are you satisfied with the iPhone price and everything? Would you upgrade from Android or any other phone to the new iPhone? What are your thoughts on the new iPhone? Let us know in the comment section and thank you for reading this article.

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