Biggest Android and iOS competitor - KaiOS?

Best Android competitor

Either Android or iOS is being used by you if you have a smartphone or you may be using some other operating system. Both Android and iOS and other operating systems offer us different kinds of user experience, features and design. Many smartphone operating systems have been released until now, but none of them could actually come even close to Android or iOS. Because of very little amount of apps being released for those operating systems, bad user experience users do not really want to choose and trust anything other than Android and iOS. Android and iOS have been there for a long time now and they are the most successful with their OS, but that does not actually mean that there will not be one that users might like even more than Android or iOS and that is when we need to talk about Kai OS.

KaiOS was first introduced in 2017, it is a mobile operating system based on Linux and owned by Kai OS Technologies. What makes this OS really special is this phone has some amazing features that attracted a lot of customers and mobile companies. Kai OS brings support for smartphone apps for keypad/non touch devices and also gives the phones more battery life. The operating system will receive regular updates which you can install to keep your OS up to date just like how we update our Android or iOS. The OS is lightweight and very user friendly. This OS even has a built in App store which they named KaiStore and guess what you can use almost every app that you use on your smartphone everyday which includes youtube, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, google maps and even google assistant . Since, you are able to use those app on a keypad phone that means your phone will also have access to wifi networks. You can connect to any wifi network and use internet on your phone whenever you want.

Many well known companies have already shown their interest in this amazing operating system made for mobile phones. Mobile companies like Nokia, Tecno, CAT are already using this operating system on their latest mobile phones. Nokia's latest device Nokia 800 is coming with KaiOS installed in it. It is known to be the hardest phone by Nokia. It has drawn attention to a lot of customers. Many people are mainly interested in this OS because of what it offers for keypad mobiles phone which cost only around 80-100 dollars. You can basically do almost everything that you regularly do on your 800 dollars smartphone with KaiOS installed on your mobile phone.

I personally think this has taken us a long long way. This OS is getting a lot of attention lately as it deserves. A lot of customers are most likely going to buy devices with KaiOS installed. With most of the functionalities that Android and iOS have, I think KaiOS can easily become the third biggest OS released for mobile devices very soon.

Let us look at Android and iOS and KaiOS too. What do you think about it? Would you not want to have all that functionalities on your small mobile device? Let us know your thoughts too by sharing your thoughts down below in the comment section.


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