Best Upcoming Smartphone - Pocophone F2?

Xiaomi pocophone
Pocophone F2

Is Xiaomi releasing the best upcoming smartphone this time? Xiaomi is always popular for making good smartphones in low budget considering other smartphones that cost a lot with features and specs like pocophone. Xiaomi kept the price as low as possible for a phone like Pocophone. Xioami was already popular before the release of Pocophone, but xiaomi became even more popular with the release of Pocophone since, it is one of the best budget phones with such high specs from Xiaomi. The phone was loved by everyone who used it so, it did not take much time for it to become popular.

Best upcoming smartphone:

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 became very popular when it was released. Many people were talking about the phone even before it's release. Because it is unlikely for a phone to have such low price for a flagship phone like Pocophone. Every smartphone lover was quite surprised to see how much that phone offered considering it's price. Pocophone F1 became very popular in most Asian countries as soon as it was announced. Because Xiaomi's main target is asian countries since, there are some poor countries in asia like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India. Even people from most asian countries like Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia usually can not afford to spend much on their smartphone. That is the reason why Xiaomi mostly targets them and they have been successful with their mission. Pocophone was a really good phone for gaming. The phone's specs were perfect for gamers. This phone even had a liquid cooling system built in, which surely helped the phone perform even better when it comes to gaming.

Guess what? this year, Xiaomi is going to release their upcoming Pocophone F2. As you might have assumed already, Xiaomi has decided to make this phone even better than the F1. The specs, design, battery, features everything is going to be improved as reported by Xiaomi. Which means this phone is going to be even more powerful and better for gaming. Xiaomi has recently released one of their most powerful smartphones which they named K20 pro as you might know. K20 pro is also very popular since it's release because of it's specs and everything. Is Pocophone 2 going to be even better than K20 pro? That is where we need to talk about what Pocophone F2 is offering us. Let us find out more about this upcoming beast.

Pocophone F1 did not actually look that premium. It did not look like it is a gaming phone either. The design was very basic, which surely did disappoint some users. Xiaomi understands that so, this time it is confirmed that Pocophone F2 will have a better and premium look. This upcoming phone is coming with 128gb storage, 12gb's of ram, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, a 16mp back and 8 mp front camera. Which looks like it will be pretty good for gaming. Whether you play video games or just normally use your phone all day, this phone will be capable of handling everything very well for sure.

We are all surely excited to see what comes with this best upcoming smartphone. Are you excited? What are your thoughts on this upcoming smartphone? Would you buy this phone? Let us know in the comment section. Thank you for reading.


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