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Best antivirus for pc
Best Antivirus for Windows

Antivirus becomes something very important for us when most of our computers get affected by virus. Viruses can be really harmful for our computer. We all want to keep our computer from virus. I think we all have this question in our mind. What antivirus should we get for our computer? Which one is the right one? Which antivirus is worth buying? We all have questions like that. A lot of us get confused when we think about antivirus and I will try my best to  clear that up for you.

An antivirus software is essential for our computer. We browse through the internet everyday. We download things from the internet. The files that we download from the internet could easily contain virus without us knowing. So, once we have that file in our device it is actually slowing down the device which we do not want. Some viruses for example, trojan could easily corrupt your computer files and even windows files. We surely do not want any of that to happen to our computer since we have a lot of important files in our computer which we cannot lose.

So, what antivirus software should you use for your computer in order to keep your computer safe from virus? Many of us use antiviruses like Avast, AVG, Kasperskey, Norton, but the thing is I personally feel like an antivirus software slows down your computer since it is always running in the background. It starts running as soon as you boot up your computer. Not to mention that they also cost a lot. So, we could be paying hundreds of dollars for something that is going to slow down our computer and not even work as expected sometimes.

Then what is the antivirus software that we should use for our computer? Well my answer is click on the windows button on the top left bottom corner of your screen and search for "Windows Security" that is an antivirus built into windows for us. It does not slow down your computer or anything, it is free and it is was developed by Microsoft. I always use "Windows Security" and it keeps my computer safe from the internet, viruses that could affect my computer. Microsoft regularly updates their antivirus for it to work better for us and we know that Microsoft is trustworthy. Which software is going to work better on Windows other than Microsofts?

Now, let us take a look at "Windows Security". How it works and everything.
Best antivirus for windows 10
Best Antivirus 

So, this is the user interface when you open up Windows Security. You will see options to quick scan, full scan, and custom scan which you can use to scan a specific drive if you want. The scanning options are just like the other antivirus softwares, but in my opinion, using Windows Security is the best choice that we can think of. It is lightweight, free and easy to use and made my Microsoft themselves which are the main reasons why you should choose this program instead of any other.

You usually have to pay for the antivirus that you use on your computer since there are not any good free antivirus available. You do not want the program that you buy to slow down your computer. You expect it to work properly and be useful for your computer. It must help you with keeping your computer safe from virus and the internet.You can actually use any antivirus software that you want to use, I just shared my personal opinion. You might have a personal favorite antivirus that you are using on your computer, but I advice you to follow what I said in this article and let me know the results.

What do you guys think about this article? Which Antivirus do you use for your computer? Do you agree with what I said in this article? Let me know your thoughts on this by commenting and thank you for reading.


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