Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 In Depth Review

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi is popular for making smartphones with good specs in a very low price. Xiaomi is one of the smartphone brands that has managed to take that risk and they are actually still quite successful. Who would not want to have the best in the lowest price possible. That is what Xiaomi is trying to give us. What makes Xiaomi phones different from the others is that they try to give us the best in the lowest price possible. Xiaomi has become quite popular in the recent years with the release of some of their flagship devices like K20 pro, Pocophone and they are soon going to release more devices that are going to rule the market. Today, we are going to look at one of their well known smartphones that was released in 2019.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 was released in January 2019. Just like every other Xiaomi phone, this phone is also a really good one considering the low price, which is around 210 US dollars only. This phone soon became popular becuase of how good it is for the price. I personally own this phone and today, I am going to share with you my personal review on the Xiaomi Remdi Note 7. I have been using this phone for a couple months now so let us see how it performed.

Body & Design:

This phone comes with 3 colors. However, I chose the blue one because blue is my favorite color and I gotta say that it is one of the best looking phones that I have ever used. If you are considering this phone then you should go for the blue one. It looks very premium especially the backside. Everyone that saw my phone was like this phone looks gorgeous! Both the back and front is covered with gorilla glass 5, which makes the back look even better.


So, let us talk about the performance now. This phone comes with 3gb of ram qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor and I gotta say that it performed really good. I could use all the social media apps and everything without any lag. I played a few games as well and they all performed really well with no lag or heating issue. The performance is surely going to impress you a lot.


I personally own an iPhone 6s and I honestly feel like the Redmi Note 7s camera is a lot better than my 6s's camera. It comes with a 48 mp back camera and 13 mp front camera. I have been able to take high quality pictures in both day and night and the selfies that I took also looked really good, the pictures were well detailed. This phone is able to take really good portrait pictures. I have personally taken many and loved them.


Now, let's talk about the 4000mah battery. Which is one of the most important things to look at when we buy a smartphone. The battery of this phone lasts really long. I mean, even if you use your phone all day long you can still use this phone easily for one day even if you're a hardcore user, but if you don't use it much then you will not have to charge it for 2 days straight. I gotta say that the battery also performs really well. This is definitely one of the things that you should consider buying this phone for.

Now, the question is should you buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 7? Absolutely! It is an amazing phone to have. It is one of the best phones I have ever used in my life for the price. So, you can go for it but always keep in mind that there is always new phones coming with new features specs and design, but if you want to go for the redmi note 7 sure you can!


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