Samsung Galaxy Fold - What We Know About The Phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold price, release date
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Every phone company comes with their new phones every year with lots of new features and design that attract the customers. Smartphones used to be very different in the past and it is really amazing how much smartphones have changed today. If we go back to 2000-2001, back then we had keypad phones that were only used for making phone calls and sending short texts. They were just normal keypad phones so the design of those phones were very basic. I agree that they still looked very nice and worked very well, but they did not look anything close to the phones that we have today and what we can do with a smartphone today are almost close to the things that we can do on a computer.

The smartphone companies today are competing with each other to make their phones look better than the others so they are coming up with new design and looks with every release of their new smartphone. Most of the recently released smartphones have the front side made of glass only. There is no edges the whole front side is made of glass. The invention of notch display has made that possible. Samsung has invented curved display phones with the release of Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Samsung is always trying to do something different than the other smartphone companies and the are actually quite successful. Everyone liked the design of their Samsung Galaxy Note series. With the invention of curved display, Samsung has become even more popular than ever. You may know that Samsung is actually a big korean company which is behind big projects like The Burj Khalifa which is located in Dubai. Yes, that is right. The worlds tallest building is made by Samsung. Most of us know Samsung as one of the biggest phone companies in the world as they are releasing new phones every year with something different. Something that will attract a lot of people.

This time, Samsung is coming soon with something that everyone is looking forward to. They are soon going to release their first phone which is foldable. Would that not be a great phone to have? As you can already guess, it has attracted a lot of customers and they are all eagerly waiting for the release. This is the first foldable phone in the world, which is going to be released by Samsung. Well, it sounds like this phone is going to be a very expensive phone to buy, but who would not want to have a phone like that if he/she could afford to buy it right?

Samsung always releases new phones every year that surprise the customers. Especially, the galaxy series has always been popular since they released their first galaxy smartphone. Samsung has always been popular and loved by their customers because of the best quality phones and it looks like they are going to release their upcoming phone Samsung Galaxy Fold pretty soon. So, let us talk a bit about it's features and price.

This upcoming Samsung phone is going to have a 16 MP camera, 7.3 inches display, 12 GB of ram, Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 processor and a 4380 mah battery, which really looks like it is going to be a great smartphone to have. If we talk about the price then we can already assume that the price is going to be pretty high since it's the first successful and well known foldable phone in the market. 

So, are you excited about Samsung Galaxy Fold? I know you are, Samsung is soon going to release the first foldable phone in the world. Everyone should be excited about this phone. I will make another post once this phone is released for you to know even more about the device. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Samsung Galaxy Fold. Be sure to leave a comment down below to let us know your thoughts on this upcoming smartphone.


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