Intel Processors Are The Best In The Market?

Is intel processor the best
Is intel the best processor making company?

Without a computer our life would be impossible now. Let us look at all the working places, school, college, office, hospital. We can't find a place that does not need a computer. Most of us have a computer in our house. Some of us use computer for studying and some use it for office work. We do many things on the computer everyday. Programmers code, designers make designs, officers work on large amount of data, gamers play video games, students use computers for educational purposes. Some of us also watch movies, listen to music on our computer. There is different kinds of things that we do on our computer everyday.

A lot of us do hard tasks on our computer, which will require us to have a good computer with powerful hardware installed on the motherboard. One of the most important things for our computer is the processor when it comes to gaming or hard tasks. A computer processor is responsible for processing all the tasks, which makes a computer processor very important. A computer performance mainly depends on the processor and ram.

We always want to have the best processor for our computer. We want to know which processor we should have for our computer. Most of us have Intel and AMD processor installed on our computer, but Intel usually makes better processors than AMD. AMD has made some good processors but they could not make processors as good as Intel's. We all have heard about the well known core i3, core i5 and core i7 processors. They were loved by everyone and they work very well for the computers, which made Intel the best brand for computer processor.

Intel has always been popular for making top level processors and many computers in the world have their processor installed. Intel's processors have always been powerful due to it's high quality, number of cores and good performance. Intel's core i3, i5, i7 are the mostly used processors in the world right now. The last processor released by Intel was the core i9 processor and it works even better than all the other processors that they have made.

Some computer users have recently started using Intels latest processor called "core i9". It was first released in May 2017 and Intel is continuing to release newer and better versions of this processor. This processor is known to be the best one from Intel as of yet due to high number of cores and it's insane performance. Most laptops and computers today have core i9 installed in their motherboard. Which makes it obvious how great it is for gaming and other things that requires a powerful processor. This processor comes with everything that a powerful processor should have. With this processor installed there is no doubt that users will have a very smooth gaming, programming experience without any lags or freezing issues. More people will use this processor soon as Intel will continue releasing more powerful processors in the future. A lot of people are not using this processor yet due to it's high price but the price is expected to drop as time goes by. So, many people will start using this processor soon enough.

Do you prefer intel processors over AMD? Do you agree with what I said in this article? What processor do you use on your computer? Is it Intel or AMD? Which processor do you prefer and why?

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