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Apple Watch Series 1

Smart watches are being more popular day by day due to how "smart" watches are getting these days. In order to understand that, we need to think about the things that you can do just by using a smartwatch. What you can do on a smart watch these days is almost close to what you can do on your smartphone. Our life becomes easier and more enjoyable with the help of smart devices like a smart watch. There are many smart watches available in the market and they have become really popular these days. There are smart bands and smart watches available. Not all of them are the same since they all come with different features and everything, but of course the things that you can do with a smart watch similar to what you can do with the others. Usually, a smart band is not able to do as much as a smart watch so, I personally prefer Smart Watch since a smart watch offers you more. I have personally used a smart watch which I am going to tell you about today.

So today, I am going to review the Apple Watch Series 1. Well, I know that this smart watch is kind of an old one to review but, I have been using this watch for 2 years now and it is the first smart watch from apple. This smart watch is a very popular one and one of the most used smart watches in the world. So, I wanna share my thoughts on this smart watch.


Even though this watch is a bit old now this watch still looks great and anyone can say that this is not something cheap because of its premium look. You can try different bands the one I use is the white one and it looks great with the watch. The bands are easily removable and all of them (the different color bands) look great with the watch.


As long as you keep this watch connected to your iPhone or iPad, you can basically do anything you want with this watch. Receiving calls, text messages replying to text messages, heart rate monitor, camera(which uses the phone camera), fitness tracker, games and there's a lot of cool watch faces as well, which means wallpapers. If we open up the Watch app on our apple device, that is basically where you find everything and you also control the watch using that app. There is a store for apple watch usable on your apple device. You can browse through watch faces, apps and games. There is always new watches faces being released for all the apple watches, which you can browse through too. This watch is full of features and one of the best thing to do with this watch is playing Pokemon Go. A lot of people play this game on their apple watch and they enjoy it very much.


The battery actually performs really well considering, its a smart watch. If you are a hardcore user meaning, you're using it all day then its gonna last until the end of the day, but if you're not using it much then it can last up to 2 days which is considerably good battery life.

So, that was my short review on the Smartwatch. This smart watch has become old, but it is still quite useful in 2019. Of course you can consider getting one if the watch is impressing to you. I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Let us know if you have any questions or if you want to share your thoughts on this review. Thank you for reading.


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