Deskjet 2655

HP Deskjet 2655 SETUP

High-Yield Instant Ready Printer

Download Driver and Manual

Download Driver for Windows

Download Driver for Windows

Download Driver for Mac

Download Driver for Mac

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Download Manual


How to setup and install Printer

Setup and install your printer easily using the instructions that we have specified here. Once the printer arrives, you have to perform the initial setup process and connect it to the printer.

Checking the contents inside the shipment box:

  • After you have got a brand new Deskjet 2655 printer, confirm that the authorized seal is present on top of the shipment box.
  • Once you open the carton, make sure that all the supplies are shipped.

Taking the Deskjet 2655 printer out of the carton:

  • Lift the Deskjet 2655 printer from the shipment box and then discard the tapes, packing materials from the outside of the printer.
  • Lower the output tray to reach the inside of the Hewlett Packard device.
  • Open the cartridge access door by lowering it and then remove the protective materials present there.
  • Confirm that all the hardware materials are removed from the shipment box.

Establishing the power connection:

  • Reach the back side of the Deskjet 2655 printer and plug the power cable to the power port.
  • The other end of the power cable should be attached to the electrical outlet.
  • Find and press the Deskjet 2655 printer’s Power button to switch it On.
  • Wait until the printer completes the initialization process.

Inserting the ink cartridges:

  • Take the shipped ink cartridge out of the pack and make sure that you use only the black plastic area on it.
  • Confirm that the plastic tape is discarded from the black ink cartridge.
  • Hold the original cartridge by the sides and with the nozzles on it facing the Deskjet 2655 printer, place it into the appropriate slot.
  • Push the cartridge gently until it fixes into position.
  • Go with the above guidelines for placing all the other cartridges and then close the access door and the output tray.

Loading plain papers into the main input tray:

  • Lift the output tray and then move the paper width guides towards the extreme left.
  • Place a stack of blank papers into the input tray.
  • Make sure that the loaded papers are not wrinkled or scrambled.
  • Move the paper width guides to the right side so that they lie against the corners of the kept sheets.
  • After lowering the output tray, make sure that you pull the tray extender out.
Setup and Install Printer 2655

How to Download Driver on Windows & Mac

  • The steps for downloading the driver is the same for both the Windows and the Mac operation systems.
  • The driver is an application that serves as the interface between the HP Deskjet 2655 printer and the computer or laptop.
  • The functions of the Hewlett Packard printer cannot be accessed if the driver is not installed.
Driver Download 2655
  • The HP Deskjet 2755 printer supports two types of driver, the Full feature and the Basic.
  • The primary software can be used for performing functions such as scanning, copying, and printing.
  • A complete set of tools and apps such as HP Photo Creations and more are included in the full feature package.
  • On this web page, the latest driver for the HP Deskjet 2655 printer is available.
  • Before going with the download, confirm that there is enough storage on your PC.
  • All the software files on your system must be updated.
  • Verify that you are using an active Internet connection. Now, select the Driver Download button provided on our site.
  • During the download, make sure not to turn off the computer.
  • Do not proceed until the downloading process completes. Once it is done, launch the software.

How to install Driver


  • A software disc is shipped usually shipped with the Deskjet 2655 printer, use it for installing the driver on your Windows system.
  • First, make sure that a CD/DVD drive is available on the computer.
  • If the external drive is not present, the files from the compact disc can be copied into a USB flash drive.
  • Now, load either the software disc or USB drive into the appropriate port and check whether the set of files gets displayed on your screen.
  • If needed, you can turn on the AutoPlay feature.
  • Now, access the correct driver file and then double-click on it.
  • The Windows Installer pop-up box will appear on your personal computer screen.
  • For continuing the installation process, the Terms and Conditions provided on the License Agreement screen must be accepted.
  • Select the connection type depending on the features of your Hewlett Packard device.
  • Do the prompts that display on all the pop-up Windows and then click the Finish option in the Final dialog box. After the installation is complete, print a test sheet.


  • Once you downloaded the driver, open the HP Easy Start application on your Mac personal computer.
  • Click the Open button in the Security prompt dialog box.
  • Review the Agreements and Settings and then tick the checkbox for agreeing to the same.
  • Click on the Continue button and ensure that you have completed the hardware setup process of the Deskjet 2655 printer.
  • Select Continue and then choose your Hewlett Packard printer from the detected devices.
  • Click the Continue option, and provide access for your key chain by selecting the Allow button.
  • Choose Continue and then on the Install pop-up box, select the software that you wish to launch.
  • If you are asked to enter the Mac system’s admin password, enter the same.
  • Click on the Continue button, and now the software gets installed on your PC.
  • Choose Continue. Read and respond to the instructions that appear on the Mac desktop for installing the driver.
  • To add the Deskjet 2655 printer to the queue, select the Add Device button. On the Setup is Complete screen, click on the Finish button.

How to Download Manual

User Manual

Manual is a reference document comprising detailed data starting from the setting up of the printer to fixing various issues that may arise while the printer is in use. You can find a hard copy of the user guide in the Deskjet 2655 printer’s packaging box. If you wish to get a PDF copy of the manual, find and click on the Manual Download button on the page. Wait for the manual to get downloaded completely. To open the manual, double-click on the PDF file. If you wish to navigate to any specific topic on the user guide, go to the index section and click on the same.